Every business should have this carried out at least once a year, depending on the type of equipment being tested.

What is it?

PAT Testing is the periodic inspection and testing of portable electrical appliances. So basically, it it’s got a plug, it should be tested.


Because it’s a legal requirement! The requirement for PAT Testing can be found in the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application), Regulations 2007 (S.I No. 299 of 2007), amendment (S.I 732 of 2007) Regulation 81 Portable Equipment, pg 40.


This test can help to prove that your company did all it could to ensure the safety of its staff and customers.

Key Benefits

  • Improved safety in the work place
  • Improved safety for the general public
  • Reduced insurance costs
  • Decrease in Liability
  • Enhance preventative maintenance
  • Increase productivity through safe and reliable equipment
  • Reduce legal risks for managers